Poster design and truck wrap for traveling magic show.

Poster Design for independent Hollywood movie.

"The Fine Art of Plumbing" was a poster print campaign I designed and developed for my plumbing client with the premise of imitating or referencing famous artists using plumbing elements. 12 posters were produced representing: Warhol ( 2 ), Picasso, Da Vinci, Modrian, Dali ( 2 ), Peter Max, Rodin, Farrah Fawcett, and Escher. This version above acknowledged Chihuly, the famous glass artist. The version below is acknowledging Rodin's famous sculpture. Photoshop and Maya ( CG )

The client was really the driving force behind the final image I created. He designs and manufactures custom saxophone mouth pieces and wanted this to be a T-shirt design that would promote curiosity about what he did. His title "Be Heard" was important to him and wanted the imagery to support "Be Heard" as a bee and a herd of cows. This was my visual solution.

I collaborate with Marvel Spiderman artist Randy Emberlin, long-time friend and associate, providing all the coloring and background design art for his commissioned super hero pencils and inks. I receive the final pencil or inks of the character and turn them into full color posters.

Music Poster design. The client wanted the organ to over power the drums and guitar and basically take over the entire poster, so I used the idea of a cathedral pipe organ. All art was created in Illustrator and finished off in Photoshop.

"Wishful Thinking" / Photoshop, Maya ( CG )

My client manufactures stainless steel brew tanks and brewing systems. They wanted designs for T-shirts as part of their marketing campaign.

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