Hello, I'm Donald Wallace. Welcome to Wallyhood. I'm born and raised in Portland Oregon, and I still make Portland my home. I have drawn all my life, and art along with music have been a part of me as long as I can remember. I have collected a college degree or two, but I'm self taught in all things that make me a living... 2D animation, designer, illustrator, cartoonist and editor. The diversity of what I do has also led me into doing a lot of animation direction and producing.
Some people say you have to develop a single style and stick with it, but that is just not me. The one consistency is my desire to continually seek new ways to express myself with my art and animation. Thanks to the diversity of my clients, I get to enjoy the wonderful pleasure of always exploring new paths for expression. Technology allows us creatives so much freedom to experiment, I cannot resist. Exploration and discovering solutions for visual communication and story-telling is my passion.
So far, I have had the opportunity to either produce, direct, design, script, animate or illustrate for hundreds of TV commercials, four interactive games, three music videos, a prime time TV sitcom, a theatrical movie, a amusement park ride, the internet and websites, e books, interactive books, children's books ( both traditional and digital ), comics and graphic design for just about every application.
If you think you have a project that feels like a good fit, call and let's chat. My studio number is: 503.227.2606

Thank you!