The Samuel Project was a independent, live-action Hollywood movie that I had the pleasure of being the only animator/artist contracted to create all the art and animation in the film's post-production phase. Working closely with the film director/writer Marc Fusco, I developed storyboards for the animation areas, created all the final art and 2D animation for the films main story insert and six scene transitions ( a shout out to my good friend and animator Mark Forsyth for CG  assistance ) then brought the project to a close developing the poster art for the movie. View the poster in the T-shirt/Poster project section. Below are some static art images and two short clips of animation from the movie. The movie opened in the fall of 2018.               

A short segment of the 4 minute animation insert that occurs in the latter part of the movie. This example just has the voice track and is void of the wonderful music track by Joey Newman.

The director wanted six live-action scenes to established chapters in the story.  These were approached as animated "morphs" instead of regular dissolves. This is 1 of 6 transitions that were done. Since art and animation was an important element of the overall story, this embellished the fact. This is where "old-school" hand-drawn morphing worked very well. All rotoscoping of the A and B roll and artwork was achieved in Photoshop. 

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